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Name:External SMD Vacuum packing machine
Voltage/Air supply:1φ/220V 50/60Hz
Total power:1.8KW
Heat-seal size:L600×W10(mm)
Air exhaust:2-3sec
Package size:L Unlimited×W 600×H 300(mm)

Product Description


1, vacuumizing speed high, common products just 2-3 seconds can be sealing .
2, the whole circuit controlled by the PLC programmable controller, stable performance.
3, the built-in oil-free vacuum pump, can be used in grade 100 dust-free workshop at ease.
4, may apply vacuum sealing, filling sealing, sealing three kinds of working state alone.
Article 5, spongy silica gel, extraction by the cylinder pressure, to ensure that the suction after sealing edge smooth and firm
6, stainless steel workbench, according to the size of the packing materials, adjust the height.
7, under the fuselage with castor, can move the work place


This External pumping vacuum packer suitable for packing SMD components ,IC reel/tray, Semiconguctor,hardware mould parts,Jewel ,dry food etc .”LS” PLC Programe controller,  Control pneumatic components action accurate to 0.01 second, completely solve ordinary relay oil-gas sealing mouth has a history of wrinkles leak problem, packaging products is not restricted by shape, size, especially big or oddly shaped object can be vacuum packaging. Electronics factory, circuit board factory, hardware factory, toy factory is vacuum packaging enterprises such as the preferred equipment.

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