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Name:PCBA Cleaning Machine
Cleaning Basket size:Single Layer 610x560x100mm,double layer design
Diluted solvent tank capacity:70L
Spray Tank capacity:17L
Concentrated solvent tank capacity:30L
Cleaning time:5-30Min
Rinsing time:1-99(set)
Solvent recovery filter:0.45um
Rinsing liquid recovery:0.45um
Air supply:0.45Mpa~0.7Mpa
Air consumption:200-400L/Min
Power supply;AC 380V 50Hz 65A
Machine Demension:1200x1100x1850mm

Product Description


1, Comprehensive cleaning system: SMT/the PCBA Surface residues after welding of rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no clean type flux/solder paste etc

    organic and inorganic pollutants thoroughly effective cleaning

2,  Fully automatic cleaning mode :  Finish cleaning, drying all the process in one cleaning room

3,  Cleaning Capacity: 610*560*100mm Double layer design, can be customized to meed the bigger or higher size of products cleaning capacity.

4,  The scientific design of nozzle : Use the left and right sides of incremental distribution, upper and lower dislocation.

5,  By claculating the cleaning area calcalation and arrangement of nozzle flow, completely solve the cleaning zone.

6,  Cleaning box assembly 9KW heatin wire, cleaning room reserved for the 3KW heating wire position, greatly improve the cleaning efficieny, shorten

     the cleaning time

7,  Large color touch screen interface: according to difference products setting different cleaning parameter, the operation more simple.

8, Lonic contamination in full compliance with the IPC-610DIII class standard (less than 1.5 ug/cm²) and the American military standard MIL288091 I standard

9,  Convenient cleaning agent proportion mode, can adding solvent manually also set proportion (5%-25%).The system automatically mixture DI Water and 


10, Double seal design, ensure good sealing effect.

11,  Optional features:  the machine is installed concentration compensating pump, when the large number of manufacturers and cleaning of the same product, will  resuce the dilution concentration, concentration of compensation system ensures dilution concentration kept in optimal range.


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