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Name:PCB Misprinting Board Cleaning Machine
Cleaning Basket size:450x450x100mm
Tank capacity:55L
Cleaning method:360° rotary cleaning
Cleaning time:5-30min( as reference)
Drying time:10-30Min( reference)
Solvent Recovery Filter:0.45 um, double filter
D.I Water Supply:30-60L/Min
D.I Water Pressure:≤0.4Mpa
DI Waterentrance Pipe Connection:1 inch
Air Supply:0.45Mpa~0.7Mpa
Air Consumption;150-350L/MIn
Machine Demension:1100x950x1600mm

Product Description


1, Comprehensive cleaning system: SMT / the PCB surface residue after welding of rosin flux, water-s-soluble flux, no clean type fulx/solder paste etc 

    organic and inorganic pollutants thoroughly effective cleaning.

2,  Fully automatic cleaning mode: Finish cleaning, drying all process in one cleaning room.

3,  Cleaning capacity : 450*450*100mm,can be customized to meet the bigger or higher size of products cleaning capacity

4,  The scientific design of nozzle:  Use the left and right sides of invremental distribution, upper and lower dislocation, by calculating the cleaning area

     calculation and arrangement of nozzle flow, completely solve the cleaning zone.

5,  Concise operation interface: with stable and reliable push-button operation, simple one button operation is more humanized.

6,  Sustanability : With two filters, ensure the cleaning effect and stability

7,  Spray chamber structure: Double seal design, ensure good sealing effect.

8,  Safety: the machine is powered by compressed air, with any safety hazards


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