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Name:Nozzle Cleaning Machine
Air compression:0.5~0.7Mpa
Tray seat:30pcs
Cyctime:3 Mins/12 nozzles
Power:85-240V AC
Water consumption:100cc/Hour

Product Description


1, Default place 30 nozzles, very easy to move and place,also achieve high efficiency, energy saving.

2, Can compatible with nozzles of PANASONIC,FUJI,JUKI,SIPLACER,YAMAHA,SAMGUNG mounting machines.

3, Full inspection window for easy maintenance and operation.

4, Using Industrial pure water, not harmful for all types of nozzles and reflector panel.

5, With a malfunction alarm and emergency braking system, with overload protection system.

6, The machine with streamline design, elegant appearance;

7, Human design, press external buttons to achieve start and stop;

8, Touch screen + PLC distributed control, stable and reliable performance;

9, Centralized waste collection, easy maintenance.

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